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Dual Action Polishers

Dual Action polishers are designed to safely and effectively polish paint. The random oscillation mimics the movement of you hand making these both a safe and effective tool for correcting swirls as well as maintaining your paintwork


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More details about Dual Action Polishers

Dual Action Car Polishers are the perfect machine for car care and detailing enthusiasts looking to take you car polishing to the next level.

Dual Action or Random orbital polishers as they are often called, are dedicated car polishing machines that randomly oscillate to mimic the movement of your hand. This random orbital action means that the car polishers ahve enough power to break down abrasive compounds correctly required to remove scratches and swirls but are also extremely safe an easy to use as they don't generate the same heat as that of a dedicated rotary polisher. 

Dual Action Car Polishers are ideal for enthusiasts because they allow you to be able to effectively remove scuffs, scratches & holorams but are also perfect for doing everything that would normally be done by hand, whether that be applying a regular paintwork cleaner, Glaze, paint sealant or even car wax.

We sell a huge range of Dual Action car polishers from all the leading manufacturers including the best selling DAS-6 range, Rupes, Flex, Shinemate & Vertool and offer these on their own or as part of a kit with all the pads and polishes included in one bundle.