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Fine Cut Polishes

Finishing Polishes are designed to be used as the last step in the correction process. Finishing Polishes are designed to remove light holograms and paintwork defects and refine paintwork to a high gloss finish


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More details about Fine Cut Polishes

Finishing Polishes or Fine Cut Polish are a range of car polishing compounds the contain a very mild abrasive designed to refine paintwork to a extremely high gloss shine. These are a perfect set of products to use after heavier correction to refine the paint, remove holograms and really make your pain shine. You'll get best results from these using a car polisher such as a dual action or rotary polisher, but can be used by hand to enhance paint

At CleanYourCar we are passionate about car care & detailing products and stock a huge range of fine cut finishing polishes, available in stock for immediate delivery. If you require any help in choosing the correct finishing polish for your car then please feel free to call our team on 01484 841444 and we'll be more than happy to offer some advice.