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Iron Fallout

Iron Fallout Removers are a set of products designed specifically to remove bonded iron contamination from paintwork. Using a quality pH neutral Iron fallout remover is the quickest & safest way to deal with that stubborn iron contamination and brake dust on your paint or wheels


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More details about Iron Fallout

Iron Fallout removers have grown rapidly in popularity over the past few years. These products are designed to remove iron fallout & brake dust from paintwork and wheels. Iron Fallout removers are pH neutral and designed specifically to react with the iron making them highly effective at removing otherwise difficult to remove contamination from wheels & paintwork alike. The biggest source of Iron Fallout on wheels & bodywork is from brake discs and pads, which on wheels can be almost impossible to remove with a standard cleaner. On paintwork iron fallout makes the paint feel rough, with little black & orange dots often being the tell tail sign that this has bonded to your paintwork

Iron Fallout removers are generally suitable to use on all exterior surfaces, including paintwork, aluminium, magnesium, stainless steel, anodized finishes, chrome, glass, plastic, and even rubber & often contain mild degreasers to help loosen road film

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