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Dressing & Protection

Using a rubber or Trim Dressing protect plastic trims and rubber seal, whist restoring their rich black factory finish. We stock a huge range of semi-permanent, water based dressings perfect for use during any detail


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More details about Dressing & Protection

Using a dedicated exterior trim dressing, or rubber dressing not only gives your freshly detailed car that extra edge, but help maintain and prolong the life. Over time, UV rays chemical and other environmental forces can perish rubber and permanently damage and fade trims. By using a semi-permanent or polymer based dressing will not only enrich their appearance, taking faded plastics back to a deep black appearance but can actually help extend their life, meaning your car looks better for longer.

At CleanYourCar we stock a huge range of Exterior rubber, plastic & trim dressings available in stock for immediate delivery. If you require any help in choosing the correct rubber or Trim Dressing for you vehicle then please call our team on 01484 841444