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Wool Pads

Browse our range of wool pads, designed primarily for use on a rotary car polisher. Wool pads correct quickly and are an aggressive for of car polishing and will require refining further after use.


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More details about Wool Pads

Wool pads are best use in conjunction with a rotary polisher to increase the level of correction possible. Wool pads tend to cut paint much quicker than a traditional foam pad, but the only downside is the finish isn't as good and will always need further refinement with a softer foam pad and finishing polish to achieve a perfect finish.

With advancements in the refining of wool pads it is possible to use some on a Dual Action car Polisher as well, such a the Lake Country Foamed Wool, or Shinemate Short Pile Wool. Again these will increase the cut, but require further finishing