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Polishing Pads


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We have a comprehensive range of car polishing pads for use on dual action, rotary polishers & by hand from the worlds leading manufactures.

We stock a huge range of dedicated machine polishing pads for both a Dual Action Car Polishers & Rotary Car Polishers. In total we stock more than 200 different pads from some of the worlds leading manufacturers such as Chemical Guys, Meguiars, Lake Country, Sonax, Menzerna, Scholl & ShineMate. So we have a polishing pad to suit all your detailing needs, whether it's for heavy correction and swirl removal to fine finishing & holgram removal or even applying your favourite car wax.

Not only that but we supply a huge range of wool & microfibre pads to supercharge you machine for even greater levels of correction.

We supply most of the polishing pads in a variety of sizes to fit a wide range of backing plates. Most pads have a set size backing they will take, with the face of the pad being slightly larger to ensure the backing plate cannot strike the paint and potentially cause damage. As such we list our pads according to their backing size so you know which is the right choice for the particular backing plate you have, whether that be for a rotary or Random Orbital Car Polisher. We supply foam pads to fit  1", 2", 3", 4", 5" & 6" backing plates.

As well as foam polishing & correction pads for use on a machine we also supply pads that are designed to be use by hand. Not everyone has the luxury of a car polisher. Although using a car polishing maching for correction is always going to be the quickest and most effective way of appliction of a correction compound, Medium Cut Polish, All-In-One Polish, paintwork glaze or even a car wax, it is possible with a bit more time and patience to achieeve some stunning results by using a hand polishing pad

We supply hand polishing pads, cut from the same foams as the machine pads, this means that for paintwork correction the pads are quite a bit firmer than a traditional waxing pad. They are ergonomically shaped to fit the palm of your ahnd allow a bit more pressure and mechanical cut required to break down the abrasives in a traditional car polishing compound.