Your Basket

About Us is a small business that I’ve developed because of a simple love of cars. Sure I like to drive them, but I love making them look as good as possible for as little as possible. We import car detailing products from around the world to give you the ultimate choice for when you come to clean your car.

My first car was a 1 litre blue Fiesta, it did the job and was a reliable little car, but  I never bothered with what it looked like because it was a means to an end. Then I took the plunge and graduated to a Saxo VTR. I stopped using my car as an ashtray and started looking after it. Weekends were spent washing and polishing and I soon knew the entire range of products to be found on the shelves of the local Halfords.

Fiat coupe A few years later and I am the proud owner of a Fiat Coupe. It came from a bloke who didn’t really care about swirl marks and stone chips. My new car deserved more than that and so I hunted around for polishes, waxes, glazes and anything else that would bring the Rosso red paintwork back to life. This search ended with me purchasing a range of products from America, well tested, high quality products that just aren’t readily available in the UK.

Well, I thought I was hooked before but this took it to a new level what with waxes that gave amazing clarity and depth but also smelt so good you could eat them, polishes that made the paintwork look like glass and glazes that made the paint look so deep and wet you could climb in.

So I took the plunge and spent many months developing my own online shop. Its purpose is simple; provide a range of car cleaning and detailing products for people who care about their cars. My goal was to create a shop with a broad range of products from many different manufactures because it means that you get more choice and an objective range of products, not just a company limiting themselves to one or two suppliers. If you don’t see something here or you need a little help in deciding what to go for feel free to contact me, I’m no expert but I do have good links with the manufacturers and have tested everything myself so I can give you advice on what’s best for you.

I’ve enjoyed getting the product range together and liaising with the manufacturers, I’ve tested all the products I stock and written accurate accounts on the results so you know what to expect. I’ve also compiled a set of guides, I’m more of an enthusiast than a body shop specialist so feel free to contact me with any helpful tips.

Enjoy the site.