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More details about DAS-6

The DAS-6 brand is the recognised leader in specialist car care and detailing machines. DAS-6 developed a range of dual action car polishers, that were competitively priced but of the highest quality for both enthusiast and professionals users.The DAS-6 range comprises three three polishers, the entry level DAS-6 v2, the DAS-6 PRO & the top of the range DAS-6 PRO Plus.

So which is the right machine for you?

The DAS-6 v2 Dual Action Car Polisher is the entry level machine housing a powerful 650w motor. Weighing only 2kg this is the lightest machine in the DAS line up, making this the easiest to use, best value enthusiast level dual action on the market in our opinion. It has enough power to do a full correction, but if like many it's main tasks will be applying a light polish, paint work cleaner, glaze or a wax there is no need to look further than this machine

The DAS-6 PRO Dual Action Car Polisher is the most established of the machines and our best selling dual action car polisher, with a extra powerful 900w motor it is capable of safely and effectively correcting all paint. This machine is also great for those everyday tasks and a firm favorite with both enthusiasts and detailers alike.

The DAS-6 PRO Plus Dual Action Polisher is the top level machine from DAS-6. Again like the Pro it boasts a 900w motor, but unlike the other two machines has a much larger 15mm throw. This bigger side to side motion has a number of benefits, firstly it results in smooth operation but also allows to correct paint quicker and more effectively. The DAS-6 PRO machine is a excellent choice for those looking to step up their game from a standard cheaper dual action polisher. It's one of the most capable car polishers on the market today.

Because this was a brand developed with a passion for detailing each machine is a pleasure to use and by far our best selling range of car polishers