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Car Care & Detailing Products are the UK's largest independent retailer of specialist car care and detailing products. Browse the categories below to find that perfect detailing product for your needs.

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Car Care & Detailing Products

CleanYourCar was established in 2006. We’ve worked hard to source the best car care products from around the world, if you want to wash your car, clay your car or polish your car, we can help. And we know that sometimes so much choice can make decisions difficult, so we’ve added our customer testimonials, forum, helpdesk and guides. If you’re still not sure you can give us a ring and speak to someone directly. With the use of quality car care products and the right car care techniques it's possible to make even the dullest paint shine again. offer the best selection of car care products and car cleaning materials from all over the world and we also have an active detailing forum and guides on car detailing and how to polish your car. We guarantee that using the detailing products we supply and following our guides and advice on the car detailing forum will enable you to better look after your car.

We believe that our car cleaning products can make a huge difference to the look of your car. There is nothing more satisfying than spending hours on cleaning your car and then reviewing the end result! We can provide you with the car care products and advice you require to use them to their full potential. We can advise which car cleaning materials are better to use on what car and what car cleaning supplies to buy to match your car care products! has been trading for over 15 years with a mission to import the very best car care and detailing products and deliver them direct to your door. Since the day we took our first delivery of car care products we have continued to expand our shelves and grown strong relationships with some of the worlds best car care manufacturers.

Our search never stops for finding the best car wax or the best car polish available and as such we now have in stock over seven hundred different car care products in stock and ready to dispatch. All the products we sell we test on our own cars so can advise on the best detailing package or car care products so you can successfully polish your car. We are still just as enthusiastic about cars and we still feel just as passionate about it as when we started, there is a lot of satisfaction from starting with a dull, swirly paint and ending up with a finish to be proud of. Even now when a new car care product arrives we down tools and have a good look at what we’ve got and what results it can give. That’s why we appreciate the testimonials and pictures that people send us. If you want to polish your car we now have our own range of dual action car polishers. For the best car wax, the best car polish the best car shampoo we will never stop looking and testing.