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Air Fresheners

Air Fresheners make your car smell great again! We have sourced some of the most unique air fresheners & fragrences to keep your car smelling fresher for longer


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More details about Air Fresheners

Air Fresheners are designed simply to make your car smell better whether thats using a hanging air freshener, or one you spray into the car. Pets, smoking, stale food, sweat and dirt can quickly leave your vehicle smelling badly. Using an air freshener generally just masks the underlying odour, but some of the sprayable types of air freshener actually treat the source of the odour with a ani-bacterial enzyme, whilst some are designed to treat the whole air conditioning and filter system.

Here at CleanYourCar, we love detailing and have tried & tested most, if not all of the detailing products & Air Fresheners so if you need any advice on the best air freshener for your car then please feel free to call us on 01484841444

Inject some scents into your ride with our great range of sweet smelling air fresheners. In this category we have sourced some of the more unique fragrances aimed directly at enthusiasts and detailers alike.