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3M Car Polish & Compounds Rotary Polishers


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More details about 3M Car Polish & Compounds Rotary Polishers

Rotary Polishers car polishers are the ultimate tool for paintwork correction. These variable speed polishers are the type of car polisher that is found most commonly for fast correction in car bodyshops for refining paint after wet sanding. Rotary polishers spin on the axis and are driven by a variable speed motor which unlike the regal dual action polishers doesn't stop or bog down under pressure. Rotary polishers therefore create more energy and heat which allows faster, smoother paintwork correction. However the downside of this is increased heat so more risk of damaging paint. People often also find it harder to finish hologram free with a rotary polisher over using a dual action car polisher.

Like with most things, rotary polishers definitely have their strengths.which includes faster work times, smoother operation and generally longer service life. However the downsides being we don't normally recommend them for begineers with no paintwork correction experience becaus eof the extra heat they generate and difficulty in finishing.

Having said all that in the right hands a rotary is probably the most effecient way to correct and polish paintwork.