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Menzerna Polishes Polishing Machines

In this section you'll find a huge selection of Menzerna Polishes rotary & dual action (D/A) car polishers each designed to improve & maintain paintwork. Car polishers offer the ability to properly correct paint from scratches & swirls that you can't do by hand polishing alone


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More details about Menzerna Polishes Polishing Machines

Menzerna has been setting standards in the development and production of polishing pastes for industry and trades since 1888.

Extensive formulation know-how and a precise understanding of customer requirements have made Menzerna a specialist and technology leader for industrial polishing compounds. The passion for perfection is incorporated in every Menzerna product, guaranteeing ultimate quality and economic efficiency. All industrial polishing fields of application are covered with more than 200 innovative formulations.

CleanYourCar are honoured to be an official UK partner & distributor for Menzerna Polishing Machines products. As such we hold all products in stock for immediate dispatch. If you require and help or advice regarding any Menzerna Polishing Machines products please call us on 01484 841444 and one of our team will be happy to help!