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PostPosted: Tue Mar 20, 2007 12:30 am 
Wash Mitt

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In this guide, I outline the slow-cut technique that I used on a recent detail to remove severe swirls from an Audi using the Porter Cable 7424. My technique is all based on the information L200 Steve has presented both on this forum and discussion I've had with him at the Wishaw detailing day a wee while back, possibly varying slightly from Steve's technique as we all have our own individual methods we're happy with but the idea is the same.

I present my methods which are also based on the use of the Menzerna polishes - Intensive Polish and Power Gloss Compound, which use milled aluminium as the abbrassive. This is fragile, and breaks down under applied pressure. So, by applying no pressure to the PC head you allow the abbrassives to break down naturally during the cutting process rather than shattering them with weight so yo get better cutting performance from the polish.

For this technique you will need:

> PC7424 DA Polisher (or equiv)
> 4/6" Cutting Pads
> Water or QD spray
> Plenty of patience! ;)


Apply a spray of water to the pad to wet it, and then apply some polish (PGC or IP depending on swirl severity) to the pad.

Work on a very small area at a time - I would go for roughly 1' square, nothing more. Dab the machine around this area to apply the polish.

Turn the PC on at speed 3. Support the weight of the machine - I tend to hold it with the handly on for this method, one hand underneth the back of the PC to hold it up and the other on the handle to guide direction without applying weight to the machine. Any hold is good though, so long as there is no weight over the head of the PC - try to support the machine's weight. Move the PC slowly across the area in overlapping strokes, at a speed of around 1/2" per second - very slowly. You should get around five, six passes before the polish starts to go clear and look like its drying and ready to buff off...

Rather than buff off the residue, I spray the pad with some more water and repeat the above step. Speed 3, no weight, very slow passes. The polish hazes up again and you have more work time... Make more slow passes until the polish begins to go clear again.

After two hits at speed 3, I then spray the pad with water and move onto speed 5, again no weight and no pressure and make slow passes by moving the PC at about 1/2" per second.

Finally, spray the pad with water again, and move to speed 6 and this time apply pressure to the PC for a final single pass over the area at about 1" per second. The polish will likely be pretty clear after this stage, so buff off the residue. If you examine the pad, I found that it actually looked quite clean after this, very little white polish left there.

If you've used PGC, you will induce micromarring with this method, but this can be easily removed using IP and either the fast or slow-cut technqiues.

* I am generally quite generous with the amount of product applied here, using a little more than I woud normally for the fast-cut method but being sure to work the polish in with the above method.

** This is my own personal mehtod for this technique which I find suits me well, it differs in a few ways from Steve's method I belive but the ideas are all the same. You may well feel more comfortable making more passes at speed 3, and the final pass at speed 5 for example - a little bit or trial of the method and you will find something that suits you perfectly. :) I have presented my method as a general guide of the method rather than hard and fast technique.

If you have hard paint (eg VAG, BMW) then this method is key to getting the best out of Menzerna polishes for example, to get the best cutting results.

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