Keeping cloth seats immaculate...

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Keeping cloth seats immaculate...

Post by bazn » Wed Aug 15, 2018 1:45 pm

I've just bought a new to me BMW 116d Sport, which I'm really enjoying at the moment as I go through my cleaning routine to get things up to my standard!

One item I have a question over though is the seats as my cars for the past few years have all had leather - I want to keep them in the best shape possible and to be fair they are very clean at the moment so thought getting a cloth protector down ASAP should be a priority.

Looking in the shop there are several protector options for the seats (303, Chemical Guys, etc.) but I wanted to get some first hand recommendations as I've not protected cloth seats before...

I coach my son's football team so over winter the interior deals with muddy boots, wet and muddy shorts and everything that goes with winter football! So I'm really looking for a recommendation on what's going to offer the best protection - I'm happy to reapply throughout the year (or apply several coats on first application) to make sure I keep everything as clean as possible.


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