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Post by pjgh » Sat Nov 08, 2008 9:43 pm

Back again ... I passed the product to a friend (Murray, here) who has a G220 and he loves the stuff. We swapped notes and he returned the product.

So, with a new set of ideas about how to refine my technique I had another go today. The subject was my wife's black car ... I know ... I was supposed to be doing some longevity test on the Autobright Creme Wax, but I topped it with their 'Better' Wax a couple of weeks ago and under streetlamps, I saw some horrible holograms which must have come from some hasty work :oops:

I had just been dealing with my post-garage work treatment on the white car and my German applicator has been used with some Duragloss 652, so I popped some Serious Performance Paint Cleanser on it and cleaned back the bonnet on the black car.

What do we have to start with?

http://www.pjgh.co.uk/gallery_albums/sw ... CF9490.jpg

Urgh :shock:

... and after some Poorboys World Black Hole:

http://www.pjgh.co.uk/gallery_albums/sw ... CF9492.jpg

Close-up? Sure ...

http://www.pjgh.co.uk/gallery_albums/sw ... CF9494.jpg

... and top that with some carnauba wax - Autobright 'Better' Wax"

http://www.pjgh.co.uk/gallery_albums/sw ... CF9495.jpg

Yes, it's darkened it and from afar, deepened the finish.

http://www.pjgh.co.uk/gallery_albums/sw ... CF9500.jpg

What did I do differently this time? Well, I used a lot less product - a pea size is sufficient to work into a 18"x18" area and work it until the shine starts to appear. In otherwords, work it right down. Move onto the next area ... an so on ... finally, buff off the haze. I think the problems last time were down to maybe an "unclean" surface, too much product, too large an area and too little working of the product. I used a microfibre pad, by the way.

Happy? Oh yes ... great product and the filling capabilities are quite astonishing. Under street lamps tonight, "MY LORD!!!!" :shock: Deep, pooling and very shimmering surface :cool:

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