Autobrite Berry Blast Quick Detailer

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Autobrite Berry Blast Quick Detailer

Post by astormatt » Sun Mar 07, 2010 10:44 pm

Again another Autobrite product i have used recently, i have only used it twice but i have been quite impressed both times.
I gave my mums car a quick spritz over after yesterdays wash, it did add a slightly wet look to the car. I was not expecting too much but was suprised after i had used it.
It is nice to use with minimum buffing in both the sun and shade, i would say its a good alternative to Megs Last Touch, but much more economical as this will dilute up to 1:10 compared to the Megs 1:1.
I used this on my car earlier on some water marks that i always get after a wash, no matter how much i keep going around the car with my towel i always get drips from the fake filler cap and the front bumper.
It removed the marks with ease and again with mimimum buffing.
I also gave it a go on my glass and again it cleaned them up very well too.
I have been using it at 1:5 as i thought that would be a good ratio to start.
I guess you would use it at 1:10 for jobs such as a clay lube and removing fingerprints etc, light duty jobs.
When i have run out of my Last Touch i will be replacing it with 5 litres if i continue to enjoy using it.
Nice to use, good results, exactly what it says on the tin!
Some uses:

Waterless wash - i wont be using it for that!
Clay lube
Use in sun or shade
Works on plastic, glass, paint and chrome

In fact thinking about it a product i would be more inlined to compare it too, Poorboys Spray and Gloss, as i have found that to be a good versatile product to use too

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