Autobrite Supa Snow Foam

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Autobrite Supa Snow Foam

Post by astormatt » Sun Mar 07, 2010 9:49 pm

Alrite all, used this plus more new products today and yesterday so thought i woud give my opinions.
The AB foams up ok, not as well as my other foam Valet Pro PH Neutral foam, also the dwell time is also not as long as the VP.
It seems to get the newish dirt of the car with ease, like most, but i think that is softens the remaining dirt better than anything else i have tried as a pre wash.
It was very easy to wash the remaining dirt with the usual 2bm even on both car which were filthy.
After using this i have used both Duragloss and Simoniz shampoos and to me they were easier to clean with me literally using one pass with my mitt.
My only problem with this foam is that i find it more of a pain to remove, as in it does not tend to rinse as well as the VP under pressure.
It just kept pushing to another panel or area of the car so i am spending more time rinsing than with the VP.
For me its a winner based on its cleaning ability, however i have only previously used the VP through a foam lance so i can only compare my findings with that.
Some features;

Citrus fragrance
Added wax ingredients
Non caustic
LSP safe

Sorry for lack of photos on all my reviews i am having some trouble getting the laptop to upload them from the camera!

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