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PostPosted: Sat Nov 05, 2011 2:22 pm 
Ruler of the Fluffy
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"Dodo Juice what?"

That's right! Those crazy artisans on Dodo Island have come up with a really cool way of getting an understanding of homebrewing wax. Okay, it's all there, weighed, measured and tested, and to that end you're not going to learn much about formulation, but you will get a safe and tested experience of blending the ingredients together, what they should look like, feel like and act like at the various stages ... and at the end of it, have a working wax which will give you a lot of fun and pleasure.

"Sounds great! Where can I get some?"

Well, you need look no further than Clean Your Car: ... d_970.html


"But, I've never made a wax before ... and I don't want to waste £40 by messing it up.[/b]

With this, you can't ... unless you deviate from the instructions. I have made a wax before (from scratch, with real ingredients), but I followed the instructions to the letter and everything that should happen, that the instructions said would happen, did. So far ...

"So, part 1 of 2?"

Yes, this first part is making the wax. Part 2 will be the all important test once the wax has fully cured. For that, I intend to leave the wax a full week. We'll get to see the cured version tomorrow, I'll leave it a couple of days at room temperature and then get it in the fridge along with my other Dodo Juice waxes for first use next weekend. Weather permitting.

In this part of the review, I will simply follow the instructions and sprinkle in observations as I go.

Without further ado ...

Your Dodo Juice Homebrew will come in a custom protective cardboard box. Already, it looks like fun!

Image ... CF2076.jpg

The tin:

Image ... CF2077.jpg

Open the tin to reveal a foam lid:

Image ... CF2079.jpg

Instructions, stickers and a stirrer!

Image ... CF2080.jpg

Remove the gubbins to get at the gold!

Image ... CF2081.jpg

Image ... CF2082.jpg

The sticker sheet - lid, front and back, and a space to write your own name on the wax:

Image ... CF2083.jpg


Image ... CF2084.jpg

Image ... CF2086.jpg

Image ... CF2087.jpg

Image ... CF2088.jpg

The wax itself:

Image ... CF2089.jpg

… a blend of carnauba (the sharp egg shell-like wax) and beeswax (the cumbly wax), maybe coconut oil in there, too? Coconut oil is hard at room temperature.

Image ... CF2090.jpg

The oil/solvent - a bilious green liquid with a pretty foul scent!

Image ... CF2092.jpg

Okay … to work. You've seen the instructions …

Image ... CF2087.jpg

… which say you need a pan which is taller than the wax. I've done this before and know that my milk pan is ideal:

Image ... CF2093.jpg

Here's the jar sitting in the pan:

Image ... CF2094.jpg

The instructions say to pour water into the pan up to the level of the wax, which is about a third up the glass:

Image ... CF2097.jpg

… in the pan … not in the instructions, but a little tip - you can sit the lid on the jar to prevent any accidental spillage of water into the jar:

Image ... CF2099.jpg

Image ... CF2103.jpg

Pour in the liquid ...

Image ... CF2105.jpg

… which you can see from the few drops in the bottle is olive green in colour, with a turps and linseed scent:

Image ... CF2112.jpg

… get your stirrer into the jar:

Image ... CF2106.jpg

Turn the heat on and once boiling, drop to a simmer:

Image ... CF2110.jpg

At this point, it takes some time for the wax to melt.

The beeswax melts first and the liquid becomes a little more viscous. Once the liquid has got up to temperature (which is way less than boiling for carnauba to melt), the carnauba melts and … finally, the wax goes clear:

Image ... CF2114.jpg

The instructions say to move to a cool part of the hob, but I need my hob so I moved the pan over to a wooden board with a piece of kitchen paper to place the stir:

Image ... CF2116.jpg

Top up to the shoulder of the jar with cold water. Again, not in the instructions but useful, you can just lay the lid over the jar to prevent accidental spillage of water into the wax:

Image ... CF2118.jpg

You must remove the lid, though, else condensation will set into your wax.

Image ... CF2119.jpg

If you did want to just cover it to protect from insects, curious pets, children or partners, lay a piece of kitchen paper over - this will not prevent the steam leaving the pan, and will not cause condensation:

Image ... CF2122.jpg

"So, what colour will the wax be?"

Well, it's likely to be a light olive … like this:

Image ... CF2124.jpg

Now, we just sit and wait for it to solidify ...


PostPosted: Sat Nov 05, 2011 2:48 pm 
Wash Mitt God
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Looks good fun Paul, look forward to hearing your views on how it performs compared to the other DDJ waxes :)

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 05, 2011 5:52 pm 
Wash Mitt Wonder
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i had a email the other week about the homebrew kit

looks fun to make

i may have to order one on my next order with dodo


PostPosted: Sun Nov 06, 2011 12:52 am 
Ruler of the Fluffy
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... well, someone has to celebrate the life and death of a fellow who did something meaningful. No, not Jimmy Saville ... Guy Fawkes!

Anyway, hours later, the wax is cooled! Want a look?

Image ... CF2125.jpg

Let's get it out of the pan:

Image ... CF2148.jpg

Not bad at all!

Image ... CF2153.jpg


Image ... CF2151.jpg

I couldn't resist ... smear a little on the top:

Image ... CF2157.jpg

Image ... CF2158.jpg

Image ... CF2162.jpg

The surface of the wax was almost plastic tacky ... but melted out just wonderfully into a slick blend of easy glide. Is this almost a "pro" Rainforest Rub? No candelilla, mind.

Image ... CF2164.jpg

Image ... CF2166.jpg

If the weather is okay tomorrow, it's going to be on our black car ...


PostPosted: Sun Nov 06, 2011 8:46 am 
Wash Mitt

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That is great Paul, really nice review =D>

The amateur practices until he gets it right, the professional until he never gets it wrong.

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