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 Post subject: Zaino Z7
PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 3:59 pm 
Wash Mitt

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After detailing my Rover with Z5, Z2, Z6 and Z8, I decided to wash the car today with Z7. Considering the car has only been on the road once since I detailed it, this is a close up of the surface ...


This image clearly shows why a pre wash is such a good idea :shock: So, out comes the Gilmore using snow foam and Maxi Sudds II on setting 'D'


Car was left for a few minutes then rinsed off - the first opportunity to see how the Zaino finish beads :)


Lovely - the surface is nice and slick :) Now to wash the car with Z7


I do like the plain labeling - makes me think the effort went into the product itself, rather than flashy colours :) I used 6 capfulls in three gallons, but the instructions show 2-3 capfulls per gallon, so I could have used 9 capfulls in my 9 gallon bucket.

The water didn't feel particularly slick, and neither were there many suds when I agitated the water. I washed the roof and immediately took a picture.


This shows just how slick the surface is using the Zaino polishes - this photo is 1 second after washing the roof :shock: Notice there aren't a lot of suds, but the wash mitt just glided across the surface. I continued to wash the car using the two bucket method, working my way down. I rinsed off each panel as I finished it, because it is a warm sunny day.

After rinsing, I am greeting with this ...


Yuck - the water here must be hard or something, because I could rinse all day but still get these water spots :evil: So, before using a watering can, I dry the boot with a der-wunder drying towel.

Even after patting dry, the water spots are still there - last time I washed the car with DoDo Born to Be Mild shampoo, and I was surprised to see the water spots lifted off as I patted the surface. Maybe I should have used 9 caps instead of 6 in the bucket. Next wash will be with the DoDo shampoo for a comparison.

It was now rime to use a watering can prior to drying the whole car - how well does a Zaino finish repel water?

Pretty damm good as it happens :D Virtually nothing to pat dry on the bonnet :shock:

The Z7 shampoo did a good job of cleaning the car and was pleasent to use. It smells nice too - not of bubblegum or anything like that, but a pleasing soapy smell. It rinsed off cleaninly, leaving a surface that was very slick and shiny (I get water spots after rinsing how ever long I use the hose).

Is it as good as Dodo Born to be mild? My initial thoughts are no, but maybe I will use the stronger dilution next time. Overal though, a nice product to use, smells nice and leaves a very shiny finish.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 5:50 pm 
Wash Mitt
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Holy carp thats good.
The sheeting on the bonnet vid is about as good as the "expenive" wax's have seen.


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