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Author:  pjgh [ Tue Jun 10, 2008 6:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Pinnacle Souveran Wax

'evening guys ... I was chatting to a pal at work about polishing and what-not (he's the guy who kind of got me into it) and he offered to lend me his Pinnacle Souveran wax. Great ... thanks very much :D

There was a time, even up to a couple of months ago, that I would have baulked at paying more than about 20 quid for a tub of wax, but the more I read and the more I become intrigued by this little hobby of ours I am starting to extend my sights a little into the more expensive wax range. So, getting to try out this stuff was quite a treat for me :cool:

Speaking of waxes, I'm sure you guys know me from the Armor All ravings recently ... I have shelled out a whole FIVE POUNDS for a tin of Armor All carnauba wax, given how impressed I have been with their Car Wax Gel product :twisted: I can now save my stocks of the gel for mixing up home-made spray wax and QD which seems to work sooooo well on my white car. Anyway ... back to the point in hand ...

What does the wax (the Pinnacle wax, that is) smell of? Bananas :!: It smells nice and has quite a reminiscence of banana milkshakes; perhaps the first time you smell one of those slightly chemically shakes you get from popular fast food restaurants. I grew up with the real thing ... bananas and ice cream, blended, poured into a glass with a straw. At the time, it was a poor-kid's shake, but I can appreciate today what a treat that really was for me. I digress, again :lol:

So, it smells good ... to business ... let's prepare the surface with my favourite cleanser, Car-Lack68 NSC. I QD'd the boot of our black car (I really should get some crash test stickers for that car, shouldn't I? :roll: ) with Meg's NXT Speed Detailer and wiped with a Eurow towel. I then applied the Car-Lack68 NSC with a blue microfibre applicator spritzed with QD and buffed almost straight away with a clean Eurow towel. These towels are great, aren't they? :cool: I felt the boot needed a little something extra, so I gave it a quick layer of Einzsett Waxpolish soft to just glaze it lightly. I am really getting to like that product, too.

Here's what we started with:

Image ... CF7738.jpg

So ... to the wax. I applied a thin layer with a yellow foam pad and it applied really well. It spread over the whole boot which is just a little bigger than 2' by 1', and did not dry quickly, allowing me to neaten up the application and make a really thin layer. The instructions say that you do not need to leave it to haze, so I wiped off with ... you guessed it ... a Eurow deep pile towel.

I have been led to believe, from what I have read, that this wax achieves a deep pooling shine by darkening the paint a little. It does exactly that and I was not actually very happy with the finish. While it was not dull - please don't read my comment like that, it was not shiny :? I can understand the loss of shine to make a deep, pooling finish, but it was not that deep, or pooling either - certainly not compared to Meg's #26 liquid wax, which does much the same thing, but leaves a shine too. Bummer! I applied a second coat in the hope that might deepen things or return a shine, but no dice ... maybe I did something wrong? I'd love to hear from you guys who have tried this product.

Have a look for yourself:

Image ... CF7739.jpg

I appreciate that the sun was shining in the picture of the surface prep, but to the naked eye the paint was appreciably darker and not at all as shiny. What a shame :cry:

I have had my greatest successes on our single-stage black Classic SAAB 900 with Meguiars #7 and #26. That combo takes a lot of beating and a top coat application of Collinite 476S is the real icing on the cake - a wax that does not diminish the finish at all and if anything gives a little extra. I was comparing to that kind of finish, I think, so I decided to drop some #7 on top, just to see if that brought up a shine. Well, it did, but it was a little muted.

Image ... CF7740.jpg

I think the best finish of these three is the first picture. The shine was deep and very pleasing. Ignoring this wax, the Car-Lack68 NSC should have been left to dwell and then just top it with Collinite 476S. That's "simply the best". I had high hopes for the Pinnacle Souveran wax and have their liquid and spray Souveran waxes on my list to buy, thinking it would be a step on from my Meguiars combo. I keep an open mind, but those are off my list now.

EDIT: A day later, I am sold! This is a great wax ... it just needs some time, even just a couple of hours to really bring out its best. I will back-pedal on my comment there and consider the liquid wax and the spray.

In summary, I think if you had not found your ideal combination for your car and got a tub of Pinnacle Souveran wax you would be very happy with it - it is a pleasure to use and I'm sure a pleasure to own. The silk bag would make it a nice item to handle (my pal did not hand me the bag, but I've seen the pictures) and I'd be forever opening the tub and smelling it. That, and it's really nice to apply and work with. The finish might well be some guys' cup o' tea, but not mine. Whatever the product does to the light, I think it has some polarising effect that diminishes shine in order to deliver a darker, deeper finish. Their tagline is something like "Brilliant on red! Awesome on black!" and while I can agree with that summary (from my use on black), I actually have a better combination that delivers exactly the finish that I like. Maybe this wax is more of a clearcoat kind of wax? Comments?

Author:  pjgh [ Tue Jun 10, 2008 8:52 pm ]
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Well, a couple of hours after doing this mini-detail and product test this evening the car caught my eye in the late evening sun, so I popped out to get some eye candy ... the angles that this product looks best really does make me believe that the product has some kind of polarising effect upon the light that reflects.

Image ... CF7743.jpg

... it looks a better than before given more light.

Image ... CF7745.jpg

... a couple of actual reflections in the paint :cool:

Image ... CF7746.jpg

Image ... CF7748.jpg

... and a couple just to mess with your head :twisted:

Image ... CF7749.jpg

Image ... CF7750.jpg

Author:  Torque [ Tue Jun 10, 2008 9:11 pm ]
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Can't comment on the wax as I've never used it but I do find that it often helps to leave wax a good 24 hours to cure before passing judgment and then give it a quick swiz over with fairy liquid and chamois and add another coat if your happy with what you've seen initially.

Author:  pjgh [ Tue Jun 10, 2008 9:32 pm ]
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Right ... okay ... thanks for that. Looking after an hour, or so, I did wonder if I had been a little hard on the wax too early. It seemed to look better after only a short while. It will be tomorrow evening before I see it again ... my wife starts work at 08:00 and I'm still in la-la land at that time :lol:

Fairy Liquid? Really? Can you expand upon and explain this process? I would most likely have given a spray of Meg's UQD and see how I liked it. Given the cost of the product and its potential to be awesome tomorrow, I would like to undertake the best preparation for a second coat that I can.

Author:  Torque [ Tue Jun 10, 2008 9:53 pm ]
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pjgh wrote:
Fairy Liquid? Really?

Sorry no, I was having a laugh :lol: but the chamois bit .......... :wink: :lol:

Author:  pjgh [ Tue Jun 10, 2008 10:31 pm ]
Post subject: 

Sod! :lol: WTF am I supposed to do with Fairy and a chamois? :? The mind did boggle ...

Author:  pjgh [ Wed Jun 11, 2008 6:32 pm ]
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Right ... after a day of curing, I had another look tonight. Looking directly at/into the paint, any muted shine had gone ... shine is absolutely restored. A little further down, I will explain how I can compare that :oops:

Here's this evening ... as you can see, the car is well in the shade and reflecting an image like a beaut! This is the same as it was after a couple of hours sitting on the car after application last night and dramatically better than when I first applied.

Image ... CF7756.jpg

... and here's the boot after a QD. The shine is excellent! There is a slight shimmer to the surface which I tried to capture here. Straight on top of a properly cured Car-Lack68 NSC preparation, I reckon this was is the dog's proverbials :cool:

Image ... CF7759.jpg

So, today ... I LIKE IT :!: :!: :!:

I went to work straight away with popping another layer on and ... DISASTER :shock: I looked down and had to double-take :evil: Yes ... I'd rubbed a little dirt in along with the wax scraping a nice spiral into the paintwork :oops: So, out with the ScratchX and a clean pad and a couple of minutes of frenetic and careful rubbing to work the product with a little friction and the scratches were gone. Phew :roll:

I took the opportunity to Car-Lack68 NSC the whole boot again and left it to set up for 20 minutes, or so and put a fresh layer of the wax on. Tomorrow, I'll pop the second coat on. Again, the paint darkened considerably and muted the shine. Please don't think I mean it dulled the shine because it didn't - the best I can explain is that it polarises the light. If you've used a polarising lens on a camera ... that's what it does. I'm happy with that today, because I know in a couple of hours it will be nice and reflective again and tomorrow, it will be really sharp. I can't wait to drop another layer on :wink:

Author:  Torque [ Wed Jun 11, 2008 8:27 pm ]
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*shakes head in disbelief* and I thought I was bad :lol:

You've have gold class OCD pal :wink: but the reflection shots are something else, now please let it rain 24 hours after you've applied the next coat and then you can get me some lovely jubbly beading shots *walks off dribbling at the thought*

Author:  pjgh [ Wed Jun 11, 2008 8:47 pm ]
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LOL ... if it doesn't rain, I'll try to simulate the effect with the spray hose at the weekend. I'd like to wash and do the rest of the car properly.

Author:  pjgh [ Thu Jun 12, 2008 6:28 pm ]
Post subject: 

Okay, so 24 hours later from the first coat, I apply the second coat. The finish was already deep and shiny. See:

I applied a second coat and found that this time, the paint finish did not mute like it does for the first coat. I expect to see double shine tomorrow, then :lol: :cool:

Image ... CF7762.jpg

With regard to the polarising effect I have mentioned, I used a polarising lens to try to replicate what is happening. It did not work too well, but here's a couple of pictures showing a "normal" photograph and another where the polarising filter is in place:

Image ... CF7766.jpg

Image ... CF7767.jpg

Notice that the blue sky is deeper, even though the actual reflection is fresher?

Perhaps these photographs can explain it better:

Image Image Image

These three are (1) After Car-Lack ... before applying the wax, (2) after applying the wax and (3) after 24 hours, but before the second coat ... notice how blue the sky is in the first picture? Compare to these:

Image Image

... which are (1) Meguiars #16 and (2) Collinite 476S on top of Clearkote Carnauba Moose Wax (liquid wax). Notice how the sky is much bluer? After applying Souveran, I cannot get a photograph like that and to the naked eye, the finish is muted. That is exactly what I mean. Now, don't read that as the finish is not as good - it is ... and I fully expect it to be better tomorrow. Let's see :wink:

Author:  pjgh [ Sun Jun 15, 2008 12:21 am ]
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I put the third coat on tonight and it is already absolutely superb! I think two coats was necessary and three has really put the sprinkles on the icing on the cake :wink:

Here's an album of glamour shots: ... an14062008

Author:  pjgh [ Sun Jun 15, 2008 3:35 pm ]
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After glamour shots like these yesterday, it's ...

Image ... CF7779.jpg

Image ... CF7777.jpg

Image ... CF7769.jpg

... Sunday wash day :twisted:

I gave the car a very very light wash with a well diluted Chemical Guys Citrus Wash & Gloss ... for Torque, here's some beading shots :wink: :cool:

Image ... CF7788.jpg

Image ... CF7787.jpg

Image ... CF7790.jpg

Image ... CF7789.jpg

Image ... CF7791.jpg

... just as I was packing up, the skies changed (and I prayed for rain :twisted: ) and I was able to take these really moody images:

Image Image Image Image

Finally ... a pretty shattered looking reflection :oops:

Image ... CF7793.jpg

I have to give the wax back on Monday, but I have really enjoyed the experience of a high-class wax. Great fun indeed :cool:

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