'Technology' moves on?

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'Technology' moves on?

Post by willington » Wed Aug 31, 2016 1:34 pm

New products seemingly come onto the market each week. Many are made by small 'designer labels' that aren't well known or easily available and make claims that their products are made from 'only the finest ingredients' or some 'technological advance'.

But how true is this and how effective are they when they are compared to existing established products?

ie...... a couple of years ago, I ran out of iron-X and came across an equivalent product made by Orchard Carcare. Was it as effective as ironx? Yes, even if you diluted it by 50%, making it great value.

......... I passed onto Torque (forum member) a sample of a VERY expensive hybrid wax. It produced a fantastic 'look', easy to apply and remove, but flopped at it's claims for longevity....three weeks compared to claims of 6 months!

So if you have only a small quantity of a product left and are thinking about replacing it, try to buy one of the new range of products and write up a comparison report.

We all benefit from finding out the facts...you never know, you may find an absolute gem. :D

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