Car-Chem Connoisseur Wax
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Author:  pjgh [ Fri Apr 19, 2013 10:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Car-Chem Connoisseur Wax

What is it? ... sseur-250g
£29.99 for 250ml

No, what is it?
It's wax ... duh! From Car-Chem.

This is their pinnacle wax, their best. They also do 'English Oak' and 'Venti' ... I struggle to find the difference in the descriptions, but this looks the best, then English Oak as the regular and Venti as the engineered? I'm guessing.

It is unscented and uncoloured, as far as I can tell, so we should consider this along the same lines as, say, Dodo Juice Supernatural and not discount potential points for lack of funky scent or groovy colour. Taste? No, it's okay ... I didn't. You shouldn't either!

How do you use it?
It's wax. You prepare ... I used Car-Chem's Deep Clean Polish ... then you apply.

Image ... G_2286.jpg

I wiped a foam pad into the wax and applied in circles over the test panel (the bonnet) and then evened up in long straight lines front to back.

Initially, it felt quite dry. It felt like it wouldn't spread, but it did ... and then evening up in long lines, it spread further again, making a good single even layer. +1 there since many waxes just dry out and you have to use more and more and more, and it's a pig to remove. Not here.

Removal is a reversal of application :D

To remove, simply buff after 5-10 minutes. It's not effortless, but it's not effortless! So many waxes today are. This is not. It's not problematic, don't get me wrong ... just needs a buff, a flip and a second buff. Done.

Did you like it ... to apply?
It's okay ...

It's very much like Chemical Guys XXX or Natty's Blue ... or Collinite 476S. It's not as easy as Collinite 915.

Looks? Is it any good?
Yes. It's nice.

Image ... G_2287.jpg

It's very much like Chemical Guys XXX or Natty's Blue; a straight-up wax which protects the finish and looks good. Application is similar - easy enough, but not effortless.

In terms of ease of application and removal, it's not up there with Collinite 915 and certainly not up there with Chemical Guys 50/50 ... or Autoglym HD Wax.

It forms a protective layer, and that's it ... no effects, so to maximise glossiness, use a glazey pre-wax cleanser. Car-Chem's own Deep Clean Polish is perfect, as would be Dodo Juice Micro Prime.

EDIT: Now that it has rained, I can report on beading and clean-up. It's good. In the rain, the beading was small and tight, perhaps indicative of a really hydrophobic surface. Once dried, yes, little spots of dust all over the paint, but still shiny.

Wax is wax ... is wax.

This is £30 for 250ml. It's a price. Bargains can be had with Collinite 915. Better waxes can be had with Chemical Guys 50/50 or Autoglym HD Wax.


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