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New Confused Member!

Post by NathanUK » Wed Jun 28, 2017 8:48 pm

Hi to all!

Been reading the forums for the last couple of days and decided to register, just got myself a new car (Focus ST in stealth grey) and want to start cleaning it myself rather than going to the local car wash.

Apologies for the stupid questions below but want to try and make sure I have everything I need before ordering.

Thanks, Nathan

**Wheels & Tyres**

Bilt Hamber - Auto Wheels x 1

EZ Detail Brush x 1

Planet Polish Wheel Seal+Shine & Applicator x 1

Tuf Shine - Tyre Cleaning Brush

Chemical Guys - New Look Trim Gel x 1

Tuf Shine - Tyre Dressing Applicator x 1


What product do I need to clean the tyres apart from the brush?

What brush should I use to clean the face of the alloys?

What products/brushes do I need to clean under the arches and using what method?

**Washing & Drying**

Bilt Hamber - Auto Foam x 1

Chemical Guys - Bodywash and Wax x 1

CleanYourCar - Wash Bucket with Grit Guard x 2

CleanYourCar - Sheepskin Wash Mitt x 1

CleanYourCar Huge 'Fluffy' Drying Towel x 1


Is it best to use 2 wash mitts, 1 for the top half of the car and 1 for the bottom half below the arches?

What products/brushes do I clean the doorjambs and the insides of the doors sills? (I was thinking of spraying directly to these areas using Chemical Guys Nonsense, agitating with a detaling brush and then wiping off with a microfibre cloth).


CYC - Detailing Brush Set

Microfibre towels from Costco


What product do I need for the window rubber seals and what do I apply it with?

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