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CarPro Snow Foam & Foam Lances

Using CarPro Snow Foam Pre Wash is an essential (and fun) step in washing your car. Apply a layer of CarPro snow foam, leave to dwell for up to 5 minutes which softens dirt and encapsulates the larger particles drawing these from the surface of the paint. A final rinse with a pressure washer leaves an almost clean ready for the next step.


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More details about CarPro Snow Foam & Foam Lances

CarPro are a Korean company that manufacture a range of award winning professional & enthusiast car care & detailing products.

CarPro offer a fantastic range of dedicated care care & detailing products, including their now famous CQuartz and Iron X products as well as many more nano technology products. All Carpro Snow Foam & Foam Lances products are designed and developed to be highest quality at affordable prices.

As UK distributors for CarPro Snow Foam & Foam Lances detailing products, we hold large amounts of stock on site and available for immediate dispatch. If you require and further help or advice regarding any CarPro Snow Foam & Foam Lances products please call on 01484 841444 and one of our team will be happy to help!