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More details about Dodo Juice Exterior

Dodo Juice are manufacturers of high end car care and Exterior detailing products, manufactured in the UK. Now with a range spanning their signature carnauba waxes to other car care products and accessories it has now made them one of the key figures in the Detailing industry.

The Dodo Juice range of care care products is based around their entry eight waxes consiting of a hard and soft wax colour charged to suit certain vehicles. Over the past few years the range of Dodo Juice products has expended to include Dodo Car Shampoos, Pre-Wax Cleaners, Wheel and Tyre Care products, Detailing Sprays, Microfibres and even Dodo Juice Polishing Machines.

At CleanYourCar we sell a huge range of Dodo Juice Exterior products, available in stock for immediate delivery. If you require and help or advice regarding any Dodo Juice Exterior please call us on 01484 841444 and one of our team will be happy to help!