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DIY Detail - 8 Year Ceramic Coating
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DIY Detail - 8 Year Ceramic Coating

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DIY Detail 8 Year Ceramic Coating is a top-of-the-line, pro-grade coating that remains easy to use, making it perfect for the DIY detailing enthusiast. Read More
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DIY Detail - 8 Year Ceramic Coating

DIY Detail 8 Year Ceramic Coating is a top-of-the-line, pro-grade coating that remains easy to use, making it perfect for the DIY detailing enthusiast. It features extended durability is provided by a proven composite of polysiloxane, SiN, SiC, and silicon dioxide (Si02). Easy enough for anyone to apply the ceramic coating, but with the durability of the best pro-only ceramic coatings.

Unmatched paint protection and longevity for your vehicle. This professional-grade ceramic coating for cars is designed for both professional detailers and DIY enthusiasts.

Shield against harmful UV rays

Preserve your vehicle's paint from sun damage with our advanced nano-ceramic coating.

Professional application for optimal performance

Ensure precise and effective application for maximum paint protection.

Repel water spots and contaminants

Maintain a pristine appearance with the hydrophobic properties of our ceramic coating.

Pro-grade yet user-friendly

Achieve professional-quality results with DIY ease.

Exceptional glass coating performance

Extend the protection to your vehicle's glass surfaces.

Apply with confidence

User-friendly application for DIY detailing enthusiasts.

Embrace the durability of the best

Experience the unparalleled longevity of our pro-grade ceramic coating.

Nano ceramic coating technology

Harness the power of nanotechnology for superior protection against water spots and contaminants.

Unlock the benefits of ceramic coating

Experience enhanced paint protection, easy maintenance, and longevity for your vehicle.

Perfectly paired with paint correction

Optimize results by combining our ceramic coating with comprehensive surface preparation.

Premium ceramic coating products

Trust our formulations for professional-grade performance and safeguard your car's paint.

Hydrophobic properties for easy maintenance

Effortlessly repel water, dirt, and debris, keeping your vehicle looking pristine.

Professional-grade durability

Our ceramic coating withstands the elements and provides long-lasting protection.

Defend against bird droppings and contaminants

Prevent permanent damage to your vehicle's paint with our reliable ceramic coating.

Superior paint protection

Preserve the gloss and finish of your car's exterior with our 8 Year Ceramic Coating.

Experience the long-lasting power of ceramic coating

Choose DIY Detail's 8-Year Ceramic Coating for unmatched protection.

Using DIY Detail 8 Year Ceramic Coating

Ensure surface is clean and dry. Wipe down the surface with DIY Detail Panel Prep before application to ensure the best bond for the coating.

Apply in a well ventilated area and wear a mask if required. Wearing gloves for application also.

Apply several drops of the coating to an applicator and work in a circular motion on a small area, panel by panel. Allow 2-5 minutes (dwell time is dependent on temperature and humidity).

Observe the surface, as the coating begins to cross link to the paint, the coating will transition from a liquid to what looks like an oil slick on water. When 50% of the surface turns back to clear, start leveling the coating. with a short nap towel, lightly wipe the surface, if the towel is dragging, or is getting wet, wait 1 min more. Once the coating is leveled, use a plush towel to buff and remove high spots.

Size: 30ml

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