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CleanYourCar - Wash Bucket Set
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CleanYourCar - Wash Bucket Set

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This is a Genuine 5 Gallon natural bucket  imported directly from the USA. The wash bucket set comes complete with a Scratch Guard which fits the bottom of the bucket like a glove. Read More
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This is a Genuine 5 Gallon natural bucket imported directly from the USA. The wash bucket set comes complete with a Scratch Guard which fits the bottom of the bucket like a glove.

The thing Americans really do get right is the quality of their buckets. Manufactured from very high quality HDPE these are in our opinion along with the Zaino the best wash buckets on the market. Unlike many of the buckets you will see in the UK these are extremely high strengh and fit a grit guard in the base perfectly. These buckets sets do cost slightly due to the costs involved importing from America more but are genuinely worth the extra money over the cheap copies available in the UK.

The real beauty of this bucket is you can also see the wash solution can clearly be seen through the side of the bucket so you know when the water needs changing.

In our opinion these are the highest quality buckets on the market and a very worthwhile investment.

1 x 5 US Gallon Bucket
1 x Genuine Grit Guard

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