Here at Clean Your Car, we’re proud to stock Zymol products. Safe for all paint finishes including clear coats, acrylic and classic lacquers, give their products a try and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Most popular of Zymol products are the waxes, users, including ourselves, have been impressed by how easy they are to apply and their durability. You may know Zymol for their more premium wax range, but their entry level waxes really shouldn't be overlooked. For darker paints have a look at Carbon, which has 37% (by volume) yellow carnauba, coconut and banana oils and a 226g tub is less than £50.  Carbon will bring out the depth and shine of the darker colours and because it’s a ‘zyme’ the wax reacts with air to create a bond with your paint for greater protection. Or if you fancy Zymol but have light paint then have a look for its sibling, Creame.


50/50 using Zymol Carbon courtesy of one user in France 50/50 using Zymol Carbon courtesy of one user in France

Japon wax uses the same 'zyme' technology and has been specifically designed for Japanese paintwork. Expect increase depth and no white residue.

For a step up and using 51% (by volume) carnauba wax, banana, coconut and montan oils, Titanium has been designed for vehicles that do a lot of mileage. This wax has been specially formulated to cater for those vehicles that have a lot more exposure to dirt and so need something a bit tougher to combat the increased road grime. Titanium can be used on all paint colours including factory applied acrylic paints.


It's worth having a good look at the Zymol wax range, it caters for a wide budget and all paint finishes, and having tried them, we know you'll be impressed.

Moving away from the waxes and onto one of the most popular of Zymol products, HD Cleanse, use before wax application to prepare the paint surface and get rid of the remnants of previous products. HD Cleanse will remove light scratches, oxidised paint and road film, it also helps bring back the lustre of the paint.


If you’re interested in Zymol but not sure where to begin, then the sampler kits can prove a good start. The Holiday Sampler Kit for instance has sample pots of Concours, Destiny and Atlantique (the full size jar of which costs over £1100), the kits also includes the HD Cleanse so you can really make the most of your Zymol wax. Available at £199.95, this kit is a very good introduction into what Zymol has to offer.


For our full range of Zymol products visit our Zymol section, then let us know how you get on.

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