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Sonax Perfect Finish Profiline


It’s fair to say that Sonax has received quite a bit of fan fare for its products in particular its Perfect Finish. Well we don’t need much of an excuse to give something a go so Tim give it a test on a phantom black Audi RS4.

This car has had a lot of love in its life but has still picked up some marring, not helped by a recent trip to a body shop and an over zealous buffer. So hologram city it is but no real bonded contamination.

Sonax Perfect Finish has a cut of 4/6 and a gloss of 6/6 so potentially the perfect one stage compound. Much of Perfect Finish’s hype has been around its ability to work quickly with minimal dust, easy removal and finish pin sharp. It’s touted as the best polish to use on soft finicky paints due to its ability to finish with no holograms.sonax-hand

But how would it fare on tougher VAG paints...
Using just a Shinemate EP801, Chemical Guys green and orange hex logic pad and Sonax perfect finish polish, Tim set to work.
The polish gives really impressive levels of cut, for a polish that finishes this well it has no right to remove what it does. We won’t lie and say it was 100% correction, but an easy 90-95% with just deeper RDS remaining.

Before Before
Zoomed in Zoomed in
50/50 50/50
50/50 rear wing 50/50 rear wing
After shot topped off with Sonax Protect & Shine Hybrid NPT After shot topped off with Sonax Protect & Shine Hybrid NPT

It works extremely fast and wipes off a dream with no grabs at all. But what Tim really liked was the actual control it gave him. The pad glided over and never became grabby. It gives real confidence in using a rotary, he never felt it was going to make a mess or become difficult to handle.

In full sun there were zero holograms, a layer of Sonax protect and shine hybrid NPT topped off the look.

In conclusion, Sonax Perfect Finish deserves the hype it’s one of, if not the nicest one step polishes used with the rotary and can make a serious dent even on tough VAG paint. Highly recommended.

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