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FinishKare 108AS - Top Kote Tire Dressing

Introduction to Finishkare

Finishkare is a range of product we bagan selling just over 3 years ago. It was already well established in America and was started way back in 1964 by the one of the famous (in the car detailing scene anyway) Meguiars' brothers, Floyd Meguiar. He left the family business to develop his own range of products that were the best of their kind. Over the last four decades the products have been used to protect and restore millions of vehicles.

Product Blurb

FinishKare #108 Top Kote is a liquid polymer sealant conditioner formulated to condition restore and protect interior/exterior plastic rubber and vinyl surfaces as well as leather.

The OEM quality formula enriched with Patented Anti-Static Agents to detour or eliminate dust attraction, UV Inhibitors which protect against sun damage and Premium Polymer Resins for maximum protection durability and longevity. Leaves a new like finish that is not greasy or wet. Excellent for use on leather interiors, dashes, engine compartments, tires, vinyl tops, rubber trim and molding.

In this test we are just testing the product on tyres but will update in due course with how this product works on interior trims and rubber trims.

First Impressions

FinishKare FK108AS Top Kote Tyre Dressing is a pretty uninspiring to look at product and with so many other snazzier looking dressings to try it took a while for us to get round to properly testing this.

Considering there are so many detailing products available as far as we're aware there arn't that many that contain genuine patented formulas (FinishKares' FinishKare #425 - Ultra Slick Polywipe and Optimum Car Wax being the only two that immediately sprung to mind) so we were keen to test this product.

In the bottle it's a very watery similar in consistancy to Zaino Z-16 Perfect Tire Gloss. This means the product can be applied in two ways, using the trigger spray (or pump like in the photos for the sample size bottle) or by dispensing directly onto an applicator.

FinishKare 108AS – Top Kote Tire Dressing

As we were using the sample size bottle of FinishKare #108AS Top Kote Tire Dressing we stuck with the spray option and sprayed directly onto an applicator. You can also spray directly onto the tyres and then wipe over to achieve an even finish. As this product has a very thin constituancy it is extremley easy to apply without the mess often associated with gel products. It spreads easily on the tyre with next to no fuss.

This was the result of one coat applied via the applicator. Half was left untreated which shows what a difference nicely dressed tyres makes to the overall look.

FinishKare 108AS – Top Kote Tire Dressing

FinishKare 108AS – Top Kote Tire Dressing

What was suprising was that not only did it look great once applied but also offered a high degree of water repellancy. Again the same tyres were jetted down as it's clear to see just how well the FinishKare 108AS – Top Kote Tire Dressing repels water.

FinishKare 108AS – Top Kote Tire Dressing

FinishKare 108AS – Top Kote Tire Dressing

In Conclusion

We were genuinely impressed with this product as a dedicated tyre dressing which is only one of it's tricks. It leaves a very factory looking tyre. You can layer it to add more gloss and ofcourse with extra applications durability is improved. What shocked us about this product during testing was just how hydrophobic it made the tyres. Water and dirt just does not want to stick to the tyre at all.

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