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CarPro - Iron-X iron Remover

Car Pro- CQuartz IronX is a highly effective, acid-free and pH balanced (6-7pH) car paint, wheels & glass cleaner (safe for all wheels including aluminum and alloys). This formulation is also effective and safe for use on all car surfaces and will not deteriorate clear coats.'

Car Pro Iron-X was possibly the most innovative product to be released this year. An obvious product and essential step in detailing that hadn't really been thought of before.

The purpose of Iron X is to attack only metal filings on car paintwork and nothing else. Obviously this makes it a great wheel cleaner as it dissolves the baked on brake dust that normal wheel cleaners simply cannot touch. We tend to use a regular wheel cleaner to remove the majority of brake dust then use Cquartz - Iron Cut on specific areas where the wheel cleaner doeasn't touch.

The first impression and impact from Iron-X is the smell. If you are one to give a product a quick smell before using it do it with caution. Although it has a new improved 'smells of squashed flowers' smell it's seriously pungent stuff. At around £12 a bottle it's not the cheapest product and we did find to do a car we used the best part of a bottle. Normally I'd say it was expensive, but this is a product you'll not use every week and more importantly when you do use it it works very well.

Car Pro Iron-X on Wheels

The next set of photos shows just how effective it is at tackling this type of problem on the alloy of a Fiat 500. The actual formula since this test was done has been improved futher so it's even more effective now.


Car Pro Iron-X on Paint

Using Iron-X on wheels is the most obvious thing to do, but possibly it's best trick is when used on paint.Every day whilst outdoors a cars paintwork is subject to contamination such as road tar, insect splatters, industrial fallout etc. Unlike regular road dirt these types of contamination can actually bond to the paint and and some case begin to 'eat' into the laquer.  Traditionally a car Detailing Clay would be used to tackle all these things. Detailing Clay removes contamination which has become embbeded to the paint by shearing  this contamination from the surface of the paint and it works great.

However one type of contamination that can begin to etch into paint is industrial fallout and brake dust which contains iron. On lighter coloured cars it's possible to see where iron has fallen on paint as you often get the small orange 'rust' spots appearing. You'd be suprised just how much metal falls on a car.

Again using the same Fiat 500 which is a little over two years old as an example we used Iron-X on the paint . On this car you actually couldn't see what type of contamination was on the car.

The same area magnified:

The area was misted with CarPro Iron-X, to revel a truely shocking amount of contamination. Remember this is on a fully washed and dried car so you would expect it to be clean.

We were genuinely gobsmacked at the amount of Iron contamination there was and a step that was well worth doing.

From further testing we think the most cost effective and best way of fitting this into your detailing routine is to clay first. As mentioned this will remove everything above the suface and the majority of the iron contamination. Iron X will then remove everything left over that has started to rect with the paint or embedded into it.

Overall this is a fantastic product and one we would no longer be without. It's sucess is obvious with many other companies now releasing the same type of product both for wheels and paint such as Wolf Chemicals - De-Ironizer (Brake Duster).



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