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Since 1958 Carlack GmBH has been a pioneer in developing car care products, always working with the aim of maintaining cars simply and in the best possible way. In their laboratory they develop forward-looking technologies for preserving paintwork and the resulting products provide our customers with simple and time-saving application.

So when they handed us their all new wheel cleaner from their new 'Excellence' range we couldn't wait to put it to the test. Carlack say:

'Do you want a wheel cleaner which works by itself but doesn’t ruin your valuable chrome-plated, polished, anodised or machine-polished wheels? We have exactly the right product for you. Carlack Excellence Wheel & Rim Gel automatically breaks down and loosens ingrained brake dust and dirt.

The pH-neutral formulation (acid-free) has no negative effect on sensitive surface finishes or wheel bolts. Carlack Excellence Wheel & Rim Gel leaves behind nothing other than a gleaming cleanness and a micro-fine protective layer with a dirt-repellent effect.

The high viscosity prevents our wheel cleaning gel running off prematurely. The cleaner acts precisely where it is sprayed, enabling it to be used efficiently.'

In the featured test here the test mule was a set of badly weathered Golf Mk5 R32 alloys. The wheel cleaner was applied, left for 10 minutes to fully react and then pressure washed off with no agitation at all. The pictures below speak for themselves...

Carlack also claim 'Fine wheels are immediately brought back to a high shine using the gel' and  we'd have to agree with their marketing. We found the Carlack Wheel & Rim gel to be the most effective wheel cleaner that we have ever used removing dirt and grime with ease. Its leaves a brilliant finish is totally safe on all alloys whilst at the same time leaving behind a layer of protection. The only negative is the price, at £12 for a 500ml wheel cleaner it's expensive but the results make up for it.



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