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Wheel & Tyre Brushes


This time of year your wheels can get a real battering. It’s always worth investing in a few good quality wheel brushes to help keep your wheels in top condition. First up and one of our best sellers is the EZ detail brush.

The soft nylon bristle mean this can get right in between the spokes of wheels. The reviews speak for themselves on this with one reviewer describing it as ‘best brush I have ever used’. The length of the brush gives it good reach and the bristles flatten so that you can get in and out of crevices easily and safely.

For tighter harder to reach spaces, the Wheel Woolies Spoke Back Brush is essential. It’s angled at 45 degrees so can get right into spokes and the inner edges of alloys.

The Spoke Back brush is metal free and the soft head is ideal for gently getting rid of dirt without damaging the wheel.

Next up and also from Wheel Woolies, is the 1.25” detailing brush. This is the perfect tool for finer detailing of wheels as well as vents and sills.

The boar’s hair bristles are soft enough to not damage delicate surfaces, agile enough to get into small crevices and tough enough to get rid of the toughest of grime.

The Tuf Shine tyre cleaning brush is a dedicated tyre brush with stiff bristles to effectively clean the rubber and get into the crevices of any lettering. The handle is ergonomically designed so that it’s a comfortable hold.

So if you’re tackling your wheels this is the perfect addition to your kit. For our full range of brushes and wheel and tyre cleaners visit our wheel and tyre section.

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