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Tuf Shine


When the Tuf Shine tyre cleaner and clearcoat arrived here, it was only a matter of time before we all had a good play.

First up, we gave the wheels a good clean with the Tuf Shine Wheel Cleaner,



Start with any lettering first then move on to the rest of the tyre. Just spray on, leave to dwell for about a minute then use the wheel brush to agitate the suds before rinsing. Using the brush in different directions means that you agitate and remove any tough dirt and debris. Rinse off any residue, you will be left with a tyre that is a dull black colour. Tuf Shine took 5 years developing the formula for their tyre cleaner and the final result is non-caustic and removes old tyre dressings so that your tyre is ready for the next step.

Speaking of which, it was only right to finish the job with Tuf Shine Tyre Clearcoat. This is a semi-permanent, non-oily and silicone free tyre dressing, Tuf Shine boast that this doesn’t just last weeks but months.

tufshine-pac porsche-wheel-application

Coming complete with an applicator sponge the more layers you add, the deeper and the richer gloss. Start off by applying a small amount of the Tyre Clearcoat to the sponge then apply the sponge to any lettering. Leave for about 5 minutes before applying to the rest of the tyre.

For full application instructions, visit the Tuf Shine Tyre Cleaner and Tuf Shine Tyre Clearcoat pages. There is also a Tuf Shine Tyre Shine kit that has both the cleaner, clear coat and applicators which works out cheaper than buying all the bits separately.

So here’s the result, we’ll keep posting to let you know how it’s lasting.


And after two weeks...



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