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New this week


We’re definitely on the Christmas countdown this week it’s been a case of old friends back in stock, a face we haven’t seen for a while and a new kid on the block and it’s got us feeling all festive.

The EP803’s and the DAS 6 Pro Plus are back in stock, both are incredible machines and great value for money, ideal as a gift for someone or just for yourself.

Chemical Guys are continuing the overhaul of their products, one of the latest is the reformulated Extreme Top Coat Sealant. This is a real oldie and we’re glad to see it in all its new shiny glory.


If you’re a fan of the Chemical Guys Stripper Scent, then be sure to have a look at Stripper Suds, a pH balanced wash that produces thick suds for a glossy finish with the added bonus of the Stripper Scent smell. On the theme of washing and Chemical Guys, have a look at the Chemical Guys Dirt Traps. This filter uses cyclone filtration system to keep dirt safely away. It's worth keeping an eye on all Chemical Guys at the moment to keep up to date with new and reformulated products.


But if all this talk of Christmas has got you pining for something a bit sunnier, then how about the Sonax Tropical Sun Air Conditioner Cleaner. Ok so it can’t transport you to a beach in the Caribbean, but it can make your air con and your car smell all sunny and lovely.


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