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New In from Gyeon


Gyeon are certainly making some noise in the detailing world, we’ve got 5 new Gyeon products in this week that are definitely worth another look.


For outstanding pre-coat surface prep, take a look at the Q2M Primer. Available in 120ml and litre bottles, this Gyeon Primer is formulated to prepare the paints surface to reduce the risk of scratching or marring and produce incredible gloss and shine ready for final stage protection. If your paint is in need of a bit of a revival, then the Q2M Polish could provide the solution. This is a medium cut, one step compound that is aimed at enhancement rather than defect removal. Q2M Polish from Gyeon can be used with either a dual action or rotary polisher with polishing or finishing pads. But if you are looking for something to remove defects without the use of silicone or fillers then Gyeon’s Q2M Compound will do the trick. This is a water based compound with impressive levels of correction and low levels of dust.


Wet Coat Essence is a concentrated version of a spray sealant. For incredible beading and gloss all you need to do is dilute the formula to the concentration you need (between 1:5 and 1:15), apply Wet Coat Essence onto a clean, wet car then rinse off. What you’re then left with is a surface that is hydrophobic, protected and above all glossy and shiny. Prices start at £18.95 for a 1000ml bottle.


And to accompany the Gyeon compounds is this Empty Polish Dispenser. At just £2.95 this 300ml bottle is the ideal accessory.

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