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Las Vegas Auto Collection


On our recent visit to Vegas for the SEMA show, we visited the Auto Collections. If you’re in the market for the Tony Soprano’s Suburban, JFK’s or Elvis’ Lincoln Continental or even Johnny Carson’s Chrysler Royale Sedan, then the Auto Collections in Las Vegas could be your playground.

Housed on the 5th floor of the parking lot for the Imperial Palace Hotel, the Auto Collections isn’t just home to an impressive display of vintage cars but you can also buy most of them. Prices range from $15000 for a VW Beetle to $400,000 for a 1967 Rolls Royce Phantom, all of the vehicles have an interesting tale behind them and all are in superb condition. I’ve always harboured a love for camper vans and loved the 1961 model that had been completely restored by a specialist custom restoration company; this is one of the rarer models as it has the double cargo doors on both sides. Sadly at $85,000 it was going to take a big win on the tables for me to go home with this. At slightly less (a mere $45,000) you could be the proud owner of 1957 VW Beetle ragtop, better known as ‘Bug’ in the films.
The collection also houses unique custom designed vehicles like the 1963 Chevrolet Nova Memorial race car and the 1951 Mercury custom ‘The Rose’, which commemorates the first customised Mercury from Sam Barris who was credited with creating the custom car industry. As most of the vehicles here are for sale, the collection changes often and although you have to pay for entry, it is one of the cheaper of the Las Vegas attractions at about $11 for adults.

So if you happen to find yourself in Las Vegas with a couple of hours to spare, this is a good place to go window shopping.

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