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The sweet smell of...


If you've got the craving for something sweet, fancy the scent of fresh linen or can't quite get rid of the smell of damp dog then we have just the thing. Air fresheners are quick, easy and not to mention a cheap way of sprucing your interior.

There's a whole range to choose from whether you fancy going retro with Auto Finesse, yearn for a bit of Californian scent or just can't get enough of the Jelly belly's.

Humans can apparently distinguish between 10,000 different smells and not all of them will be nice, if you need something a bit more hard core opt for the Dakota odour bomb, sure to get rid of any nasty lingering whiffs.

Sometimes though, it can actually be your air con that is the bad smell culprit, in which case the Auto Glym air con sanitizer can tackle that.

So if you want the smell of leather, a new car or even a stripper visit our air freshener section.

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