Subaru Impreza WRX Complete Detail

Another detail we did quite a while ago to fully test our products was on this Subaru Impreza WRX, that actually belonged to my brother. He literally had just picked it up the week before he brought it up to me.

On arrival, it was obvious this dark blue Subaru Impreza WRX  was a well cared for example but just need a bit of TLC. There was no damage to any of the alloys and the interior straight from the dealer valet was spotless. We couldn't find a mark anywhere, it really was as new.

As for the exterior it again it looked fundimentally sound, apart from a smart repair on the back left rear bumper and of course the usual swirls.

Car Wash:

As normal the wheels, arches and lower half of the car was pre-treated with Carlack special cleaner. This is a powerful citrus based degreaser and make a great pre-wash solution at around a 8:1 ratio.

The car was then rinsed before being washed using the two bucket method with Sonus lamswool washmitts and Carlack Shampoo. This gave lots of lubrication as makes for a very satisfying wash. We then dried using Sonus Der Wunder Drying Towels.

The suface of the paint did feel a little rough so using Meguiars Professional Fine Detaling Clay and Meguiars Last Touch for lube we worked round the car. Contamination was minimal but the smoothness of the paint was definately improved.

The sun was out though so it gave us a good chance to have a look at some of the swirling and marring that would need correcting. On inspection the paint was suffering from the usual swirl marks from washing with one bucket and the odd automated car wash. The drivers door for some reason looked particularly bad, with some odd circular marks!



Once we had moved the car inside we then taped up all the plastics with 3M's 3434 masking tape before taking some paintwork thickness readings. All the panels were tested thoroughly using a Paint Thickness Gauge and it would appear tha all panels were original although the paint readings were a little thin on the front wings and bonnet. These ranged between 85 and 100 microns) The rest of thar varied from about 100-120microns. The rear wings being the thickest.

We then turned on the halogens to inspect the paintwork under artifical lighting which as normal did the car no favours.

To start with I tried Menzerna Super Finish PO106FA on a Meguiars Polishing pad. This did a fantastic job on the paint, but for some reason was drying funny. I couldn't work out whether it was the pad or the polish. Anyway after a hour of messing about we found that 95% correct could be achieved using a DAS-6 Dual Action Polisher with the PO106FA on a white SFX-2 pad. This made the job so much easier, and it definately made a pleasent change to work on some nice but not overly soft paint. I only needed to use Menzerna Intensive Polish PO85RD 3.02 for the very worst areas.

Before Polishing:



Time was pushing on so as I polished and Simon removed the polish residue using Sonus Microfiber Buffing Towels.

Here is my favourite correction picture from the day as the sun had crept round the garage.



With the sun starting to set it would have been rude not to at least get the wing and bonnet finished and inspect in full sun, so I applied a couple of layers of Carlack Long Life Sealant before rolling here out into the sunhine so some flake popping action.

Again due to lack of time after the car was fully machine polished we only had time to apply a layer of Carlack Nano Systematic Care and Carlack Longlife Sealant a combo I just can't seem to get away from at the moment. I'm so annoyed with myself for not working faster as I wanted to get a cost of Swissol Saphir on this one. Anyway......


An finally some nightime afters. (I'd have loved to have seen this car in full sun)

All the plastics were treated to Carlack Plastic Care and the tyres treated to Sonus Tyre and Bumper dressing whilst the alloys themselves protected with a coat of Swissol Autobahn. Glass cleaned with Swissol Crystal.

The owner sent me a few shots of the car after a wash a week later, and I thought it deserved adding

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