Renault Megane - Major Correction

We actually did this detail about 4 years ago now, but was worthy of moving onto the new site as it demonstrates the level of correction achieveable with a Dual Action Polisher the right products and a bit of time.

This vehicle belonged to a friend of a friend and he did warm me that it was in a real state and he wasn't wrong! I actually think I prefer this kind of detail as it showcases the amount of correction possible from using a Dual Action Polisher.

Products used in the detail:


SuperSpray (great bit of kit for the money)
Chemical Guys Maxi Suds II
Sonus Der Wunder Drying Towels


Meguiars Professional Mild
Meguiars Last Touch


3M Blue 3434 Masking Tape
Menzerna Polishing Pads
Menzerna Super Finish PO106FA
Menzerna Intensive Polish PO85RD3.02


Carlack Systematic care
Carlack Long Life Sealant
Polycharger H20

Here is the car car as it arrived:

Car Wash

The car was rinsed with water, before using a new product to us the SuperSpray Hose end sprayer. This simply clicks onto the existing Hoselock connection and can be used with or without shampoo.

The car was rinsed down before turning the switch to bring the shampoo into the mix. For this detail we were using Maxi Suds II.

The SuperSpray Hose End Sprayer when used at the highest concentration levels produces a decent amount of foam and leaves a good quantity of shampoo on the surface. The car was then washed as normal whilst allowing the solution to soak.

The car was clayed using Meguiars Mild Detailing clay (although Aggressive might have been more been more effective) rewashed and then dried using Sonus Der Wunder drying towels spritzed with Meguiars Last Touch.

Wheels were just given a quick clean and blast with a pressure washer as they were pretty much past repair.

As the sun moved round the building the swirling started to become apparent.

Once moved inside we then taped off the rubbers and plastic trims with 3M's 3434 blue masking tape. Under the bright twin 500 watt halogens, it really did become apparent just how bad this car was the paint was very badly dulled and swirled. In fact it was so bad under artificial light the paint almost looked dark grey, not black. It certainly didn't look at all metallic and in fact I thought on initial inspection outside it was flat black.

Andy got stuck in on one side whilst I tried to capture just how bad the paint was by doing some 50/50 shots.

The following products were used in conjunction with the Porter cable

- 5" Menzerna Polishing (orange) Pad
- Menzerna Super Finish PO106FA

Menzerna Super Finish PO106FA is the new version of PO106FF and the wait has definitely been worth it. This polish blew me away. The old version was my favorite polish before trying this. It just seemed to have more gloss, more cut and worked for ages with next to no dust.

Before Polishing:

During Polishing:

After Polishing:

The polish really did blow me away. It also suggest that Renault paint is pretty easy to correct with minimal effort. To achieve those results we removed approximately 6-8 microns of paint, measure using a paint depth gauge.

Here are some more:

And another!

Andy and I then cracked on and completed the car.

We used Carlack's Systematic Care to cleanse the paint and remove polish residue. The paint really was starting to pop!

Next up was to seal in all the hard work. The owner wanted a slick long lasting finish, so we decided this time to give the Carlack a run out (again!) boosted with Polycharger H20.

This is designed as a wax booster to make application easier and to increase durability many times over. Perfect for this job! I absolutely love the finish the Klasse leaves so this was a real treat.

2 drops of Polycharger added to 1oz of Carlack Long Life Sealant/Klasse Sealant Glaze. This made far to much solution. We would recommend probably half an oz with one drop at the most. We had lots left over!

This was applied to the car with microfibre applicators before buffing off with some ultra plush microfibres.

And the results:

And one last shot

The Polycharger made the Carlack very easy to apply and give that stunning reflective look only a sealant can give. I still had to apply a wax to one panel though ...I couldn't resist.

It was also nice to finish whilst it was still light!

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