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Underbody pressure washer lance


Pressure washer lances have no doubt saved us a ton of time and effort, and now this underbody lance is set to help us again.

Its 90°degree angle means it can get right into wheel arches and under the car with little effort.



The lance attaches to your pressure washer, as any attachment would, when you order just request the adaptor for your pressure washer from the drop down menu.

The underbody section is 60cm long so it can get right where it needs to. The lance has a comfortable grip and variable adjust nozzle.

The underbody pressure washer lance is available at £29.95 and includes the pressure washer adaptor.

2 thoughts on “Underbody pressure washer lance”

  • pressurewashers

    I really want to buy a pressure washer to help me clean up my house exterior and fence before putting it on the market, so it’s nice to see all of this advice on using them effectively. Since I still haven’t found one yet, I’ll be sure to check our your buying guide to help me make a good decision. And I’ll also make sure that it has a lot of nice attachments available.

  • neal patel

    it is 60cm long so it can get right where it needs to be.!! amazing click of washing :)

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