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Sonax Profiline Glass Polish


Just like vehicle paint, glass can get the makeover treatment. If you’ve been suffering with light scratches, dull areas or water marks on your glass then this Glass Polish from the Sonax Profiline range could be just what you need. We gave it a go on our ’83 Golf. Glass is much harder than paint so paint polishes shouldn’t be used. Ceroxid is the key ingredient here.


If you’re looking to get rid of water marks or etching then you can use this Glass Polish by hand, for scratches then you’d need a machine polisher. We had some overspray and road grime that we wanted to tackle so cracked open a bottle and the Shinemate EP803.

Ensure the glass is cleaned beforehand and then tape off the area with low tack masking tape.


Apply 4 pea sized amounts of Sonax Profiline Glass Polish to the pad and at low speed work the polish before working up to a higher speed as the polish dries. Work in small areas, just be wary of the amount of pressure you apply as you can build up a lot of heat.

Keep checking the heat of the glass as you work and if necessary cool with a spray of water.

This 50/50 shot shows the impact the Sonax Profiline Glass Polish is making!

We found Sonax Glass Polish to be easy to remove and wasn’t dusty and furthermore got rid of the overspray and grime.

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