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Rotary Extension Bars


The simple ideas are usually the best, case in point the extension bars for the rotary polishers. When you need to detail in those tight and cramped spaces, extension bars enable you to get right in there.

These stainless steel extensions use the same m14 thread as the rotary polishers and can either be used as a single piece, or joined together to give greater access.

The extra clearance you get with these bars means that you can use your polisher and have the clearance, perfect for wing mirrors, vents, bumpers, sills and spoilers.


The extension bar is attached using a spanner, the backing plate can then be attached to the bar.

Matt from Obsidian Detailing using the extension bar. Matt from Obsidian Detailing using the extension bar.

We have three types available; the ShineMate 80mm at £6.95; for £17.95 you can get a two pack with a 3" (76mm) and a 6" (152mm) bar; or Vertool have a 3 set with 50mm, 80mm and 120mm bars that can be used solo or joined together for greater reach, the Vertool set is available for £23.95.

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