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Whatever detailing job you’re doing, chances are it will involve a microfibre towel. These towels have fast become a staple in any kit thanks to their flexibility and usefulness.

The term microfibre refers to the tiny fibres that make up the fabric which can be made from polyester or a polyester and polyamide mix. The great property of a microfibre cloth is it is super soft, holds its shape well and is durable compared to other materials. And when you consider that microfibre can hold up to 8 times its weight in water, you can see why this material has taken off.

Microfibre cloths can be used in a similar way to a chamois’, but their fine fibres, soft pile and no lint makes them perfect for detailing.

microfibre drying towel1

Drying towels are the biggest of the microfibre range and their size is key because you ideally want to just pass the towel once across the paint for it to be dry. Wring the towel after each pass to get rid of the excess water and when it becomes too wet stop using it. The plush towels absorb more water and so drying towels tend to be the plushest of the range.

Towels for the more dextrous jobs tend to be smaller in size for better handling like the buffing and polishing towels. These can also vary in pile depth, the shorter piled cloths are designed for removing residue from waxing while the longer piled cloths are perfect for quick detailing sprays and final buffing. Rather handily, some cloths come with different pile length per side, the ultimate ultra plush buffing cloth and the Sonus Der Wunder buffing cloth both have a short pile one side and a longer pile on the other.


To care for your towels, wash after every use with a specialist microfibre shampoo without any fabric softener.

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