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Chemical Guys Wax & Polish Applicators


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More details about Chemical Guys Wax & Polish Applicators

Chemical Guys products provides the highest quality automotive, Wax & Polish Applicators, car wash, car care, detailing supplies, chemicals, waxes, glazes, paint sealants, protectants and appearance products at any price, without the hype of packaging.

Simply the best quality Wax & Polish Applicators products and service direct to you. Tested and used by professional OEM manufactures, automakers, detailers, car collectors and enthusiasts alike, Chemical Guys products are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

We are the longest standing official UK distributors and partners for the entire Chemical Guys Wax & Polish Applicators range in the UK since 2006. We hold all stock in house available for immediate dispatch. If you require and help or advice regarding any Chemical Guys Wax & Polish Applicators products please call us on 01484 841444 and one of our team will be happy to help!