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Auto Finesse Wax

The Auto Finesse range of car wax is an excellent addition to the already saturated car wax market. The waxes although on the face value quite expensive have been developed to match the extremely high end products but at a much better price and we think they ahve achieved it. Even the entry level Soul car wax is an absolute jem and gets our thumbs up.

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Auto Finesse - Temptation
Auto Finesse - Temptation Car Wax 200ml If you’re not sure where to start…
Auto Finesse - Soul Wax
Auto Finesse Soul Wax Auto Finesse Soul is a hard wax that can give up to 3 mon…
Auto Finesse - Passion Wax
Auto Finesse Passion wax With 45% Brazillian carnauba by volume, beeswax, cande…
Auto Finesse - Spirit Wax
Auto Finesse Spirit Wax Spirit sounds like an action movie hero and indeed it w…
Autofinesse Desire
Autofinesse Desire Wax Desire is Auto Finesse’s ultimate wax. It takes th…
Autofinesse - Illusion Wax
Autofinesse - Illusion Show Car Wax For all out gloss, shine and depth, you'…
Auto Finesse - Essence
Auto Finesse - Essence Wax This is a really good all-rounder wax, good for all …