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Wash Mitts & sponges

Your choice of wash mitt could be the most important factor in reducing swirl marks and maintianing the finish of you vehicle. Long gone are the days of using a single sponge and bucket of water. Ultra soft sheepskin and microfibre wash mitts hold more shampoo solution and draw grit and grime away from the surface of the paint.

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SONAX Microfibre Wash Sponge
SONAX Microfibre Wash Sponge The Sonax microfibre wash sponge is an extra large…
Eurow - Ultra Plush Micro-Noodle Wash Mitt
Eurow - Ultra Plush Noodle Mitt The Eurow Ultra Plush Micro-Noodle Wash mitt is…
Meguiars Microfibre wash Mitt
Meguiars Super Thick Microfiber Wash Mitt The high quality wash mitt provides …
Premium Lambskin Wash Mitt
Modelled on the ever popular Sonus wash mitts, this premium lambswool washmitt i…
Premium 'thumbed' Lambskin Wash Mitt
Premium Lambskin Wash Mitt This sheepskin washmitt is manufactured from exactly…
Meguiars Lambswool Wash Mitt
Meguiars Lambswool Wash Mitt This will pamper your paintwork and is ideal for …
Microfibre Wash Sponge
Microfibre Wash Sponge The Chubby Microfibre Wash Sponge is an extra thick memo…
Dodo Juice - Supernatural Wash Mitt
Dodo Juice - Supernatural Wash Mitt Before George Lucas rings his lawyer, he sh…
Cquartz Wool Wash Mitt
Cquartz Wool Wash Mitt One of the problems of car care is the marring and swirl…
Dodo Juice - Wash Sponge
Dodo Juice - Basics of Bling Wash Pad A plush microfibre covered wash sponge. …
Dodo Juice - Supernatural Wash Sponge
Dodo Juice - Supernatural Wash Sponge High Density, Ultra Soft Foam Wash Sponge…
Dodo - Yeti Wash Mitt
Dodo Juice - Supernatural Wash Mitt (Yeti's Fist) Dodo Juice have done it a…
Kamikaze - Wash Sponge
Kamikaze - Wash Sponge The Kamikaze Wash Sponge is the softest sponge we have e…
Eurow - Sheepskin Wash Mitt
Eurow - Sheepskin Wash Mitt Made from genuine Australian Merino wool, the Detai…