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Metro Vac - Sidekick Blaster

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Metro Vac - Sidekick Blaster

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Metro Vac - Sidekick Blaster

Based on it's bigger brother the Airforce Blaster, the Metro Vac Sidekick Blaster is still powerful enough to move serious amounts of water.

The small but powerful 1.3hp motor generates 18,000 ft per minute of heated and filtered air to safely and effectively blow water off your paint and out of crevices much faster than you ever thought possible.

Whats more impressive is the Metrovac Sidekick Blaster is made from tough durable steel is only 9.5" in height and weighs just 2.2kgs, so extremely portable and easy to use, making it an extremely useful tool for removing water from vents, sills, wheels etc.

  • Voltage: 200v
  • Peak Airflow: 205mph
  • Cable Length: 3m
  • Weight 2.2kg
  • 1 Year return to base warranty

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Fed up of drying with towels? That's how I was, especially my rims, so I checked some reviews on here and watched a few demo videos and I will never look back. My car is small but I can dry the whole thing with this powerful blower. I found that buying the hose attachment make a big difference too and I made a strap to sling it over my shoulder which makes the world of differnce. It may appear pricy but it's well worth the purchase. Gets all the annoying drips from side mirrors and side vents. Awesome product.
Review by: David Howell 06/04/2017
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
Fantastic little machine - excellent for clearing water from known problem spots but also capable of clearing the majority of a wet car if the paintwork is suitably protected before hand. Other comments mention noise but I don't find it overly loud at all. For the money it's going to save a lot of time!
Review by: Anonymous 20/03/2017
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
This piece of kit has saved me a lot of time drying my wheels prior to application of wheel sealant. As the air is warm it does actually dry not just blow the water about. Beware though, it gets really loud around the wheel nut area! I have also used this to blow the remaining water off the windscreen which left no smears or streaks whatsoever (although I do have Gtecniq G1 on my glass). Some people say it is too small to dry the whole car, but I have used it a few times to quickly clear most of the water leaving only a few spots to dry with my towel. Again I have Fusso on my paint which makes this easier. I doubt it would work very well on an unprotected car. Overall great but of kit for the casual detailer that has saved a lot of post wash water runs on my black car from the mirrors, door shuts, filler cap etc.
Review by: Robert Bellamy 12/03/2017
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
If you like me are fed up with drying your car only to find another pool a few minutes later then this is another tool in your armoury. It will not necessarily save you time as you keep chasing the droplets around but at least you feel satisfied that you are doing your best. Countless other uses include drying Wheel Woolies, Merino Wool Wash Mitts (aka Donald Trump's Hair) and the nooks and crannies on mountain bikes. This is the next best thing to compressed air without a huge compressor - all in all a hurricane in a bottle.
Review by: John watson 28/12/2016
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
Great service and a good vac, have looked at others a bit cheaper but decided this was the one. I'm glad, it's great.
Review by: John 22/12/2016
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
I take all sorts of flac from my wife over my new hobby but so far she hasn't seen this baby! It's not that I've got OCD or anything (really?) but there was always a dribble on the tailgate of my V70 now matter how many times I opened and closed it during the cleaning process. I eventually tracked it down to water behind the number plate and short of taking the number plate off to dry it I thought that I would buy this. It has done the trick and also blowing out all sorts of crevices on the car, on the mountain bikes even on the condenser of the tumble drier after cleaning - just don't use it where the sun don't shine! The only downside (apart from the cost) is the noise generated by the extreme air flow into confined areas means that I really do need ear defenders - better get the small in ear ones or the funny looks from passers by will get worse!
Review by: Tykebike 09/12/2016
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
If your looking to dry the whole car then get the bigger one. If your looking to get water out of wheel nut holes or filler cap water traps then it's perfect
Review by: James 28/10/2016
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
... this little gadget could be so useful. All cars have nooks and crannies that are hard to dry, leaving the possibility of water marks long after you think you've dried it. Well, this thing stops that by helping them out to be blotted up by drying towels etc. A bit expensive, perhaps, but if you're committed and or time-pressured, this could be a useful addition to your kit. It's not too difficult to use, more heavier than a typical DA polisher.
Review by: Anonymous 27/07/2016
Rating: Comment:
Très bon produit pour finir de sécher son véhicule après avoir passer une microfibre de séchage. Pratique pour sécher les rétroviseurs, les poignées de porte, les calandres, ... Livré avec le bon embout pour les prises électrique en France. Inconvénients : assez bruyant, et pas de possibilité de régler l'intensité.
Review by: Olivier Pascon 21/04/2016
Rating: Comment:
Super produit pour sécher les jantes, évacuer l'eau dans les endroits inaccessible etc....
Review by: José Jacquin 20/03/2016
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