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CleanYourCar - Foam Cannon

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CleanYourCar - Foam Cannon

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Manufacturer: CleanYourCar

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CleanYourCar - Foam Cannon 

The all new Foam Cannon Wash gun is a fantastic addition to anyones detailing arsenal. 

Our Foam Gun contructed with high quality brass fittings and tough plastic body connects directly to a standard hoselock hosepipe connector and precisely mixes a shampoo solution with the flow of the water to produce a rich clinging foam. The thick layer of foam encapsulates and softens the dirt and grime. Because the foam clings much better to vertical surfaces it can be left to dwell for longer without drying which really allows the emulsifiers and surfactants to work much better than traditional wash methods. This means that when it is rinsed off much more of the potentially paint damaging dirt is removed. With a fully adjustable flow control, it's possible to deliver just the right amount of shampoo onto the paint.

A further layer of foam can then be laid onto the vehicle and washed using a soft wash mitt for the safest wash possible.It can also be used in place of a bucket wash with the solution being sprayed directly in front of the wash mitt. Allowing the mitt to gide over the paintwork safely and effectively.

The other great thing about this gun, is the body of the Foam Cannon and the handle are designed to separate, so the trigger section can be left on the hosepipe to rinse down the vehicle.


- Chemical Resistant Body
- High quality brass connectors.
- Detachable handle for a powerful spray rinse
- Used with water up to 60°C
- Fully adjustable Flow Rate
- 900ml wide mouth bottle

CleanYourCar - Foam Cannon


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Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
a little disappointed was hoping for more suds. But connected to a hose pipe just isn't powerful enough. If you want show foam it has to be a pressure washer. I'll keep for a quick wash.
Review by: Jay Travis 16/09/2016
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
I bought this recently and teamed it with Valet Pro PH Neutral Snow Foam. Whilst not providing the sort of clingy foam that my pressure washer does it's pretty damn good and so much easier than keep dragging the pressure washer out. I do have good mains water pressure though so that will definitely be helping the result.
Review by: Mark Jeffery 02/07/2016
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
Having never used a pre wash apart from a hose Down this really does help loosen dirt and get the car ready for a two bucket wash, making it all abit more lubricated at the same time. it didn't make the dirt run off the car noticeably like I was expecting but still was better than hose down! While it was only £35 and worth every penny, Plus the main water gun is now permanently attched to the hose it's that good...small kartcha's are selling for about £80 with a snowfoam attachment...
Review by: Lee Vardy 30/04/2016
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
This product although well made doesn't work well as it relies on water pressure which isn't enough to get real thick foam. I returned mine and the lads at Clean your car very kindly replaced it with the snow lance fir my Karcher cleaner. The snow lance is another league (see my review for detail) Great service yet again by this company.
Review by: mark towers 13/08/2015
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
I have now used this product about 20 times. it does exactly what it says it will do and has a flow rate adjuster which works. This is a great product for those who only have or only want to use a garden hose for washing their vehicle. Just connect and go. It obviously doesn't have the same power as a jet wash, but it foams really well. The bottle doesn't have any indicators on the side to show how much product you have poured in, but this doesn't bother me at all as I have a plastic measuring jug in my garage anyway as I am always mixing lots of products. Also, I would suggest ensuring you have a good hose end connector to connect to the foam cannon. I have given this a five star rating as it does exactly what it says it will do and has the flow rate adjuster which works very well.
Review by: Dan Wood 04/08/2015
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
Quite a good product but would say it needs a very high pressure from your hose system. due to mine being weak, it only really gave suds rather than the proper snow foam effect people are hoping for. I mainly wanted that snow foam effect but would put that down to weak pressure rather than the item. So I quickly moved on and upgraded to pressure washer system.
Review by: Anonymous 11/03/2015
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
A lot easier to set up on a hose without the bother of setting up the pressure washer. It doesn't foam quite as well but the quality of the foam fluid is important. I tried Turtlewax which was useless. Simoniz was better but the best was ValetPro ph neutral which generated a nice amount of sticking foam. Foam once and rinse off after a while and then foam again and leave it on whilst you use your normal shampoo and it works very well.
Review by: Paul Leggett 26/02/2015
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
This product is well made, looks like it will last for years. It fixes right onto your hosepipe so you don't need a pressure washer. However because the pressure is low from the hose (as hoses generally are) I have never been able to get the type of foam I was expecting with this product. Even when I turn the adjustable gauge to maximum it doesn't produce enough to make the foam cling to the bodywork as the pressure washer types do. If you are wanting the high volume, thick, clingy foam, this is not the tool for the job. The (Foamer) hand pump type create pressure which no pressure washer and that is what I have changed to now.
Review by: TerenceW 22/01/2015
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
A really well made, easy to use and assemble foam gun.
Review by: Brompty 11/01/2015
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
I was bought this product to try for Xmas as I don't have a pressure washer! Its obviously not as high pressured as a pressure washer but its fantastic for loads of suds and the pressure can be adjusted up and down depending on your mains water pressure!! I used this product with auto finesse snow foam and it worked great! Well chuffed with my purchase and would recommend to anyone
Review by: Patrick levitt 28/12/2014

Overall this product has an average of 3.60 out of 5 based on 10 ratings.

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