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Valet Pro - Bilberry Wheel Cleaner (1 litre)

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Valet Pro - Bilberry Wheel Cleaner (1 litre)

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Valet Pro - Bilberry Wheel Cleaner 

Valet Pro Bilberry is an outstanding acid free wheel cleaner.

Bilberry wheel cleaner from Valet Pro is one of our most popular products and rates highly from the people who have used this. Your wheels can take a battering whether it's brake dust, salt or just general road dirt and this product doesn't need to be agitated, just spray on, leave for a few minutes then rinse off. It's a concentrated formula that can be used a different strengths depending on the level of dirt to be removed. It can be used concentrated for really caked on grime or as little as 10:1 for general maintenance.

Valet Pro Bilberry wheel cleaner is an acid free cleaner so safe for most wheels, but we recommend checking in an inconspicuous area if you're unsure.

Valet Pro Bilberry smells great and offers fantastic value for money when diluted.


  • Heavy Soil - use neat or dilute 1:1 trigger spray on wheel allow to dwell for 5 to 10 minutes agitate then jet wash off.
  • Lightly Soiled - dilute 1:5 trigger spray on then simply jet wash off for clean wheels.

Can be diluted up to 1:10 and still be effective !!!


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Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
used on my new alloys with no bother and they shone as wells they were new, used on my 2009 van and the wheels have not looked as clean in years even though i clean them every week. this product does what it says on the tin. work so well i dont even use a brush, just jet wash them down, inside as well. highly recommended.
Review by: mark reynolds 31/03/2017
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
There is plenty of evidence that this does a great job and after using Dragon's Breath for the last year I was impressed how this juice even removed the marks that were still left. Very easy to use too as it sprays well. I will keep DB for the really tough brake pad muck but use this for my regular washes now.
Review by: Paul 23/02/2017
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
Well impressed with this stuff, no need to hand wash my wheels again. Just spray on let it do its work and rinse off with the jet wash. Perfect.
Review by: Andy Wilkinson 02/02/2017
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
Moving on from 'Demon Wheels' from the supermarket, this is like night and day. First off it's not heavily chemical based and smells like cherries. In terms of performance I mixed 1/5 cleaner to water in the Demon spray bottle that I emptied of Demon. Used on heavily soiled wheels it doesn't make the dirt simply fall off but makes cleaning effortless. I sprayed on liberally then agitated with a wheel brush after a few minutes. This turns all of the caked on brake dust into a muddy liquid. I then re-applied to let the cleaner get to the wheel surface then rinsed. The wheels were almost completely clean. All that I needed to do was effortlessly rub off the stubbiorn marks with an old sponge. Those stubborn marks would normally require a lot of elbow grease with rubbish supermarket wheel cleaner. Good value too. The 1l cleaner will make up at least 5 bottles for me, which is worth every penny as you'd normally need most of a single bottle of rubbish cleaner for one wash, that's without considering the effort required.
Review by: MJA88 04/01/2017
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
Fantastic at breaking down the grime and dust that cling to alloys. And smells lovely. 4 stars as this is my first product of this kind
Review by: Nigel Williams 14/12/2016
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
My car is just 30 months old and although not a great deal of brake dust there was enough to cause me concern. Wheel cleaning products purchased from local stores could not touch the ingrained dust but this did the job. I had to apply it neat, using a small paintbrush, on parts of the wheels where it still remained after a diluted treatment but that was enough to shift it.
Review by: David Jones 27/10/2016
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
Its a wheel cleaner, it does exactly that. Doesn't smell unpleasant like some other cleaners I have used, actually smells fruity. Needs agitated on more soiled surfaces and may need more than one application if really bad but it will do the trick. I diluted at about 1:2 with water and it's strong enough to clean my 14 spoke alloys even in the tightest of corners. Will definitely keep using this product and possibly look at buying in larger size if possible.
Review by: Greig Mitchell 28/08/2016
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
I just got back into car cleaning after paying somebody else to do it for years. I didn't want to use an acidic wheel cleaner so researched and found this stuff. Tried it on my sons alloys which were tough work with baked on brake dust, with the help of a brush it worked a dream. Needed a stronger mixture though. On slightly dirty wheels this stuff sprays on and jet washes off taking the dirt with it. On multi faceted wheels just remember to check bits you cannot see, because you'll find any bits you missed when you move the car! You may spend a bit of time getting the mixture right but this is a great product.
Review by: Mark Sullivan 20/08/2016
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
I can't believe how amazing this product is, I tried ValetPro products because I needed something better in the valeting market and I mainly went for their polish & wax as polish & wax generally compliment one another, made to use with eachother for best results etc So.... I also ended up purchasing pretty much everything else, wheel cleaner included, I didn't expect all the baked on brake dust to come right off like it did! I got carried away and didn't even let it soak long, dilute it down, I reckon 1 litre will last 40 cars as you don't need to be excessive at all I'll try upload images of a BMW I will be doing this weekend with 264k miles on the clock worth of motorway braking etc, the wheels are absolutely baked with brake dust which as you know is pretty impossible to remove without going at it with a wire brush & a refurb lol
Review by: Sean 27/06/2016
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
I'm seriously impressed with this product. I bought 4 alloys on ebay that were covered in at least 10 years worth of tar and stains etc... I tried all sorts of products and this one was the best by far. It's almost as good as acid based cleaners but it doesn't damage your alloys like an acid based cleaner can. it's smells great as well so it's a joy to use. Used it 50:50 with water and only used about 1/10th of the bottle so it will last for ages. Can't recommend this highly enough.
Review by: Tom G 20/06/2016
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